I Got An Email About My SEO
  • October 17th, 2017

I Got An Email About My SEO

For some reason, SEO spam email is at an all time high. We get 5-10 a day on a slow day here at SEOTA. Some of them are crafted so well that I can see how people fall for them.

Here is what you need to know.

  1. Legitimate SEO firms don’t typically send spam emails.
  2. The spammers are lead harvesters. They are just looking for nibble on the hook they are setting
  3. If the email is from an email account that does have a company name after the @ delete it without reading it.
    • The spammers use Gmail, hotmail, yahoo and other generic email addresses.
    • The smart spammers register throw-away web domains to look legitimate. (See item #1)
  4. These emails  use fear to get you to respond to their spam.
  5. The spammers immediately sell you name and email address as an SEO lead to SEO companies.

If you think you have real seo issues look for a real SEO firm. They don’t have to be physically located near you unless you want to meet in person. There can be some advantages to working with a local expert.

How can I tell an SEO firm is legitimate.

  • At the very minimum you should be able to find
    • reference clients on their website.
      • a list of logos with no details should be a red flag.
    • case studies,
    • testimonials and
    • Google reviews about the SEO company.

We do offer to interview prospective SEO companies for you and with you for a very small fee. Asking the right questions on the front side will make you happier and more successful in the long run.

in closing, it is always best to delete spam email and not reply or open attachments. If you think the email was legitimate we will be happy to conduct and SEO audit of your website.


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