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  • October 18th, 2016

Are Brand Signals important to your internet marketing efforts?

Since late 2009 Search Engine Optimization experts have been postulating that Google has put websites into two major categories, Brands and Everything Else. The reasoning goes that Brands are more likely to produce search results that the searcher will be happy with.

If this is true (and we think it is) then the next thing to ask is how do I let Google know that my company is a brand?

Let Google know that your company is a real BRAND.
There are many things that Brands have in common that fly-by-night websites do not. Here are two quick lists that you can check off by yourself. These lists are not for SEO experts– these are things that you can work on.

‘On Site’ Attributes that give off Brand Signals

  • A contact page with a real address and phone number (should be on every page for your customers to quickly find anyway)
  • A privacy statement page
  • Robust “Abut Us” page – real companies have real stories to tell
  • Your website has repeat visitors

‘Off Site’ Attributes that give off Brand Signals (things not on your website)

  • Company Facebook page with posts and the Basic Info section complete
  • Company Twitter page with tweets
  • Company LinkedIn page
    • Employees attached to your LinkedIn page
  • Your name mentioned in the press
  • People search for your business by the business name
    • This typically means that you are doing advertising or marketing offline
  • Direct search traffic
  • Trusted Google users are visiting your website

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