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  • June 21st, 2020

8 Ways to Hyper-drive your local Marketing

What is Hyper-local Marketing?

Hyper-local Marketing focuses on driving revenue from a geographically defined space near your business. What constitutes Hyper-local can vary depending on the population density of your business location. If you are in Frisco, TX then Hyper Local might cover an area within 10-20 miles of your business location. If you are in NY, NY then hyper local may constitute cover a couple square blocks or less. This blog is not an SEO technical know-how. Four of these tips are common sense business practices that you can use to grow your local business 10-20%.

“Focusing our website on local marketing instead of being an online brochure has made a huge difference in our business.”

At Seota when we write or talk about hyper-local marketing we are typically referring to hyper local SEO and internet marketing. We are also focused on the 800 gorilla in the room, Google. Google has great tools to help you market your business to local clientele. The Google “My Business Page” (GMB), which was called Google Places, is the best tool available to drive phone calls and web traffic to your business. The holy grail of local internet marketing is to be in the Google Local Pack for relevant searches. When managed correctly, your GMB page can be your secret weapon.

So here are 7 8 quick ways to improve your hyper-local marketing efforts – before you begin we suggest you define your hyper-local market.

1. Claim your Google My Business Page (GMB)

If you do not have control of your Google My Business Page and you don’t want to hire a professional (it is worth it) then you can read the Google article listed below for step by step advice on claiming your Google local listing.

Claim GMB Page

See the Google Map below to see the power of the Google My Business Listings done right. The listings on the map with reviews will garner 70-80% of the clicks.

GMB Listing example in Frisco

As you can see from the map, being listed in the Google Local listing can greatly increase your visibility and traffic to your business.

Google My Business is your #1 Weapon for local search marketing.

2. Customize your Google My Business Page

A great description your business, your hours of operation, a logo and a cover photo are the bare minimum that you should start with. Add all of these things as soon as possible and then work building your circle of influence. Be sure to update holiday hours and add photos.

3. Take pictures of your business in action and post to your Google My Business page

Google has added categories for your business images in your my business page. We believe that Google does things for a reason so we recommend taking pictures of your business that match each of the categories. Photos at work should be of your staff doing things that don’t involve patients or customers. Team photos are also a great way to sell your business to local customers and make for great social media assets.

4.Use the New Google Post Service in GMB

Google has a great new tool to allow you to keep your GMB listing fresh. The GMB Post allows you to upload a picture, a short post and even a link. We use the GMB Post for sale items, to promote blogs, events and much more. We highly recommend using it. Read more on Google here: https://support.google.com/business/answer/7342169?hl=en

5. Find neighborhood directories and forums that cater to your Hyper-local market and get active

You will be surprised at all of the internet hangouts that are right in your backyard. Local newspapers, local magazines, HOA websites and other community forums are a great place for you to spend some time. Take a gentle approach to this type of marketing. We always recommend using a username that people can associate with you and/or your business. Spend your time being helpful and asking questions. Do not push your product or services (at least not at first and not often). Stay away from political and religious discussions or anything controversial.  You are visiting these online haunts to build your local brand not to argue with your neighbors.

6. Get involved in a local charity

In addition to being good for the soul, this is a great way to network and get to know your potential customers. The more people you meet thru charity the more people you will have evangelizing your brand for you. Of course, If you can find a local charity with a good tie-in to your business that would be great but it should not be a prerequisite. Find something you really care about and it will pay huge dividends with your target market.

7. Write thank you letters

When you get great service, when somebody brightens your day, and when you see something in the local paper that you find inspiring you should take time to send a note. The benefits of doing this go far beyond the direct connection you will make with the person who receives your letter.  Some businesses will post your letter online with a link to your website some of the businesses will post your letter (on your letterhead I hope) on their wall, and most of the people that you send a nice letter to will brag about it to somebody. By the way if you ever received one of these letters, you will know how good it made you feel. Make somebody feel good about their business, and it will come back to you.

8. Send referrals to other local businesses

I enjoy sharing great places to eat, shop or get my car cleaned. You can tell people about your accountant (if she is good), your web designer, your marketing company (us I hope), or whatever business services that you use. When you do this you will find that these businesses will reciprocate the favor.

Local relationships will help you drive revenue from your hyper-local community and will improve your ties to the community. If you follow these seven eight tips you will improve your business revenue and your standing in the community.

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