Great Design for Great Seafood

The best seafood in Dallas deserves a great website

Catching New Customers for The Fish Market

A The Number One Ranked Restaurant in N. Dallas

Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill is a very special restaurant, the accolades and diner choice awards they receive makes them one of the best seafood restaurants in Texas. We are proud that they selected Seota to build¬†their new website and handles all of their digital marketing.
This responsive website focuses on showing the customer the food and closing for the reservation. Other key points of interest would be the sticky reservation button in the mobile view and the private dining pages.
This website has a custom built WordPress Theme drawn in Photoshop and then sliced by our CSS experts. Built from the ground up for our clients satisfaction.

100% responsive with a customized mobile look and feel. If this site doesn’t make you hungry for some Seota Marketing than nothing will.

As a side note, most of the fantastic photography done on the website was done by Chef Chamberlain himself.
We are proud to handle all of Chamberlain’s Fish Markets internet marketing

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September 13, 2016