Driving Conversions

Driving Conversions

Driver’s Edge is a growing business with 17 locations in Texas and more locations opening soon. The Driver’s Edge team needed a website to help fuel car count and growth.

The client had very specific elements that they needed in design and functionality. Most of all the site needed to be user friendly and allow customers to find the nearest location without jumping thru hoops. Katch Digital developed a 100% custom website that uses the end-users location to pinpoint the nearest Driver’s Edge location. The website then shows contact information for closest location in the header as the user navigates the site. The user can change their location at any time by clicking a highly visible locations button.

The site is built to drive conversions and we have tweaked the user experience, the search engine optimization and the digital marketing plan to do just that. The site has an industry leading conversion ratio with key pages converting north of 10%.  (typical conversion are 1-3%)


Driver's Edge Auto Repair


Design, Digital Marketing, Local SEO


May 20, 2016